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Aditi Rao Hydari: The term ‘women-oriented cinema’ reeks of sexism, needs to go

May 24th, 2017 | by Manisha Surange
Aditi Rao Hydari: The term ‘women-oriented cinema’ reeks of sexism, needs to go

Women-centric movies such as Rangoon, Naam Shabana, and Begum Jaan have been in news and were the talk of the town in Bollywood in the days before and after their recent release, but actress Adito Rao Hydari is not too happy with the term ‘women-centric’ or ‘women-oriented’ and feels that it reeks of sexism.

“Women-oriented cinema… this phrase needs to go, needs to die out, because people don’t say hero-oriented, child-oriented or dog-oriented. A film is a story about people. That person can be a girl, a boy or anybody. Why are we always classist, sexist, or gender-biased? We don’t need to hear these things,” says Aditi. The actress was recently named Youth Icon of the Decade at the Women of the Decade awards, given by the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi.

While many speak of women-oriented cinema as a trend, Aditi offering space to women sufficient space in films should not be something that comes and goes with time.

“It is not a trend. A trend comes and goes, but stories are here forever. People and feelings are here forever and we are talking about them. It’s really not about [a] trend. I hope that women being given the limelight remains forever,” she says.

Aditi talked about her views when directors approach her with script for films labelled women-oriented? She says, “Like attracts like quite often, so people who come to a lot of people like me don’t even use these terms. They are people who believe what we believe. A lot of directors think like that, and there’s such a lot of different thoughts and energy that come with such people.”

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