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Award-winning filmmaker Gauri Chadda in Mumbai from UAE

December 1st, 2013 | by vBollywood Admin
Award-winning filmmaker Gauri Chadda in Mumbai from UAE

Young talented producer and director- Gauri Chadda has begun her promising career in film making. She has assisted on Hollywood and Bollywood projects like Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol (2011) and Gandhi of the Month (2012).

The much-qualified film-maker’s recent short film Gawah, based on three different major events in India — the 1947 partition, the 26/11 terror attacks and the 13/7 blasts in Mumbai.

The acclaimed film has won awards at several international film festivals this year, comprising one for best direction for her in London.

She is the 27-year-old expert is now back to India from the UAE, says, for her cinema is about expression. She made Gawah to convey the very sentiment. Gauri went to Zaveri Bazaar post the blasts to get the true picture of the incident and meet the victims. She understood the plight of the people and her film is not enacting the incident; it investigates into human relationships.

Gauri has studied at the University of Miami and has graduated in Film and Theatre Studies and as the prestigious Met Film School at Ealing Studios in London.

The young director plans to make more movies in Bollywood now. She is intrigued by the way the industry functions in Mumbai. Appreciating the work culture she says people work with their hearts in Indian film industry.

Gauri has her mind set on making feature films in Bollywood, she has set up her own production house, Chasing Frames Productions, in Mumbai.

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