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Hichki actor Rani Mukerji: Didn’t miss being away from screen, have come back looking better

December 20th, 2017 | by Manisha Surange
Hichki actor Rani Mukerji: Didn’t miss being away from screen, have come back looking better

After Rani became a mother in 2015, she decided to take a break from the movies. Her fans missed her on the screen, Rani was busy enjoying spending time with her family.

Rani is preparing for the release of her next film Hichki, believes motherhood has made her get fit. She feels fresh and wants it to reflect on screen in the theaters from February 23.

The actress was present at the trailer launch of Hichki, she talked about the gap between her last release Mardaani and the new film hurt, the actor said, “No! See I am back looking younger, better and fresh after having a baby. I would not complain about it at all.”

“Of course, the fans did complain but I’m sure they are reasonable enough to understand that when you have a baby—unfortunately, if men had babies we would be free to go about with our jobs. But it’s not like that. We cannot fight nature.”

Rani Mukerji welcomed daughter Adira with husband Aditya Chopra in 2015, the actress said besides the physical effects, motherhood brings with it a lot of emotional changes and she wanted to experience them fully before facing the camera again.

“As a woman, you undergo a lot of changes when you become a mother. It’s not only physical but a lot of emotional changes which come into your life. You give birth to a life. You are responsible for it. Every single girl, who becomes a mother experiences motherhood in different ways. There are women, who come back to work in three months and there are some who come back after 10-15 years.

“Emotionally I’ve gone through a very different phase after having my child. I can only tell you that it has been very enriching, fulfilling and loving. I’ve come back with a lot of love. Now when I see mothers, parents, my heart goes out to them because I’ve been through that myself. I have not missed being on screen. Thanks to my husband who is in the same profession, I didn’t feel away from it at all,” said Rani.

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