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Rakul Preet Singh wants to keep doing good films; follows her instincts

March 1st, 2018 | by Manisha Surange
Rakul Preet Singh wants to keep doing good films; follows her instincts

Actress Rakul Preet Singh is a part of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu cinema and continues to work with both. She neither plans to leave one for another. The actress says her idea of a good career in films is to take up new, interesting projects irrespective of the category they fit into.

Rakul Preet Singh stars in the recently-released Aiyaary, and has movies such as Venkatadri Express, Loukyam and Nannake Premathi and Yaariyaan to her credit, says, “I don’t look at my career as juggling two industries. I’d like to look at it as juggling multiple projects.”

Rakul says, “Acting is a medium of art and you shouldn’t discriminate on the basis of language. I could be doing two films in Hindi and four films in southern industry. I just need a good manager to manage that, and that’s how I look at it as. I hope that I can continue to that like I have done before.”

If she is concerned about picking up a wrong project: “I don’t put too much thought [into it] because acting is my passion. I follow my instincts. I can be in front of the cameras every single day of my life… My idea is to do good films and characters, and it can be in any industry,” says Rakul.

Rakul feels that the lines dividing one kind of cinema and film-making from another are blurring due to the success of films such as Baahubali and Eega. “Now, after Baahubali, people are more aware of the cinema in the southern industry. Filmmakers always knew about the remakes being made [in Hindi cinema] as a crossover, but now, masses are also aware that we make good films, splurge on them and have [some of the] finest filmmakers. It has become one platform,” says Rakul.

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