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Cannes 2018: Jessica Chastain-led female-fronted spy film 355 goes to Universal

May 15th, 2018 | by Manisha Surange
Cannes 2018: Jessica Chastain-led female-fronted spy film 355 goes to Universal

The Universal Pictures has announced that it has acquired the rights of the female-fronted spy thriller, 355, for the US market.

The contract was announced during the ongoing Cannes Film Festival 2018, confirmed The Hollywood Reporter. Simon Kinberg, known for X-Men franchise, is directing.

The James Bond-esque movie is said touted to be high on the anticipation factor due to its ensemble star cast – Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Marion Cotillard, and Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing.
The film is said to revolve around five female spies and their escapades. The script has not been finalised but Theresa Rebeck of Catwoman fame is set to write the screenplay, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The project comes in the context of Hollywood movements like Me Too and Time’s Up that were triggered by sexual assault accusations against prominent personalities like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Dustin Hoffman. Those movements inspired countless women in Hollywood to demand fairer practices at workplaces like equal pay and no discrimination. Major Hollywood studios too toed the line by showing the willingness to install women at major positions and to hire more female actors in lead roles and as directors and cinematographers.

Warner Bros will also release an all-female movie in their popular heist film series on June 8 called Ocean’s 8. They have also planned many female-led or predominantly female films via their DC property like Birds of Prey, and a couple more Harley Quinn movies along with Batgirl.

Similarly, Disney and Marvel have suggested that there is a possibility of an all-female superhero film in the works. Actors like Tessa Thompson and Karen Gillan have teased the possibility. Scarlett Johansson might also be expected to get her own Black Widow standalone film.

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