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Movie Review: Gold

August 16th, 2018 | by vBollywood Author

Movie: Gold
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kunal Kapoor, Amit Sadh, Vineet Kumar Singh, Sunny Kaushal, Mouni Roy
Writer: Reema Kagti, Rajesh Devraj
Director: Reema Kagti
Our Rating: 4/5
Official trailer:

Gold offers many outstanding moments of Akshay Kumar, he adds a lot of efforts, the film gives a vintage setup with a spell binding climax.

The film is a sports drama and also appeals to those who can’t connect with sports, it might seem a bit too lengthy.

Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar), coach to the British Indian Hockey team, is disappointed because of the term ‘British’ with the name of the team. Under his capable guidance the team is able to win gold but he wants the team to be free of British rule and they should stand up to the Indian national anthem when the play ends. But sadly, due to his alcoholism, he gets fired from the team and is disheartened. He gets involved in outlawed businesses such as betting.

But, with the announcement of India getting its Independence and Olympics is made in London, Tapan Das feels inspired. He makes sure to work hard and form a team that will bring the Gold for independent India. Unfortunately, the news of partition divides the team and also the dream of Tapan Das. The film is the story of how Tapan manages to work towards something that’s unthinkable to achieve but not for someone as patriotic as him.

Gold has an inspiring story by Reema Kagti and Rajesh Devraj. The story can melt any heart, this genre has given Indian cinema various memorable films. With nothing average film, the film is excellent. The set-up is of vintage India, which showcases the film to be beautiful. With the colour correction theme done by ‘Peaky Blinders’ the production has elevated the looks. At some places. gold offers the best climaxes ever seen, Reema and team have given a thrilling climax. The screenplay is good , there is a special mention of the scene including Hitler in the beginning of the movie; that gives a good set up in the patriotic film.

Gold stars Akshay Kumar in the lead, the film has him doing comedy to romance to drama, and he is perfect in all of those.  He’s high on energy throughout his performance which goes in his favour. He is able to deliver one of the finest performances of his career. The portrayal of Raghubir Pratap Singh as the best performance was under the filmography of Amit Sadh. He gives a flawless portrayal as a royal in the film & share some outstanding scenes with the team. Vineet Singh is brilliant after his performance in Mukkabaaz. Mouni Roy is great as a Bengali wife and nails the accent. She’s delightful and gives a natural look. After Vicky Kaushal’s work and performance in Sanju, it’s Sunny Kaushal who can be seen in the film. Gold excels in Reema’s direction and story, it manages to rope in audiences.

Sachin-Jigar’s Chad Gayi Hai is a great song of the lot and enhances the entertainment value to the story. Akshay Kumar’s dance makes an average song like Monobina bearable. Naino Ne Bandhi showss the chemistry between Akshay and Mouni. The background score by Sachin-Jigar is great and fit for a film like Gold needed.

Gold as seen in the film is all about team work and their victory is entertaining. Akshay Kumar is brilliant in Gold and the film should not be missed.

Gold Movie releases on 15th August, 2018.

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