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Kiara Advani gained recognition through her performance in Karan Johar’s Lust Stories

September 18th, 2018 | by vBollywood Author
Kiara Advani gained recognition through her performance in Karan Johar’s Lust Stories

Kiara Advani has gained recognition ever since her performance in Karan Johar’s version of Lust Stories has been appreciated. Her life has changed in the right sense post that since she bagged movies like Good News with Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan, and the actress will shake a leg with Shahid Kapoor in Urvashi Urvashi recreation.

On the brand front too, Kaira has turned the face of a sports brand, which was originally endorsed by Tiger Shroff. In a post in Deccan Chronicle she shared exclusively about various new projects.

She spoke about being associated with the brand that had Tiger Shroff endorsement. About being the next fitness icon, she said: That’s a lot of pressure man! For me personally, fitness is more about a lifestyle. It’s not just about looking good but also doing stunts. For me it’s a 360 degree approach – whether it’s working out, food we eat, sleeping on time, everything comes together to be fit. I love dancing and outdoor activities. I like going to the gym, trying different routines of fitness – kickboxing, martial arts. I try to do a bit of everything so I make it exciting for myself and so there are no shockers for my body.

AKiara talked about her fitness: My dream is to get a role where I get to do little bit of action. I put up some glimpses on my Instagram, but I’ll save the full-fledged action for big screen. I don’t want people to expect it of me. It’s fun when they’re surprised. And I think it’s exciting to challenge yourself, try new forms of physical activities and it’s not just to feel a particular way but also to feel good from the inside. A brisk walk too can really rejuvenate you.

Kiara is now in KJo camp, bagging Good News, Urvashi Urvashi recreation.

Other than films, she talked about her other projects: At a later point in life, I would love to. It’s something that I enjoy doing, something I’m passionate about as well. Who knows may be I’ll start my own line at some point but right now my focus is on films, films and films and I’m enjoying this phase.

Kiara promoted Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon which will take place on 7th October at Bandra Kurla Complex.

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