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Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers fights a Skrull

February 4th, 2019 | by vBollywood Author
Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers fights a Skrull

Brie Larson has shared a clip from her upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Captain Marvel, from her Twitter account. The 45-second footage is packed with action and showcases Carol Danvers, the alter-ego of Larson’s superhero, fighting what seems like a Skrull.

A part of this scene has also appeared in the trailers in which Danvers shoots bursts of energy from her hands. Brie Larson captioned the video, “I’ll just leave this here. #CaptainMarvel.”

The new clip begins with Carol being thrown back by the Skrull at the top of a train. She finds her footing and runs after him. Meanwhile, Nick Fury, presumably giving Carol tactical advice, is inside a car on a road that is running parallel to the railway track. The Skrull, is not an earthling, dashes against a pantograph and is thrown back after a massive electric shock.

Carol and the Skrull fight and the latter is more than a match for the superhero. She is challenged and almost blown  away by his powerful kick but holds onto the train’s side and returns to the top of the train. Phil Coulson informs Carol that the train is getting into a tunnel. Carol shoots energy towards the Skrull and then melts a spot of the top of the train to drop inside the coach.

The Skrulls, who seem to be evil extraterrestrial shape-shifters in Marvel Comics, are being introduced in the MCU with Captain Marvel, which is set in the 1990s. Remember the old granny that Carol punched? She is also a Skrull who is in the disguise of an old woman. The race and their involvement among humans may also have ramifications in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

The conflict between the Kree, another extraterrestrial race, and the Skrulls is a famous story-line in comics that will also appear in the film. Carol can seen herself among the Kree at a certain point, who protects herself by fusing her DNA with the DNA of one member of their race. This also gives Captain Marvel her superpowers. She comes to earth and is having trouble remembering the memories of her time on earth. She meets Nick Fury, then a S.H.I.E.L.D agent.

Captain Marvel releases on March 8.

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