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Bharat trailer: Salman Khan promises an entertaining film on Eid

April 22nd, 2019 | by vBollywood Author

The trailer of Salman Khan starrer Bharat is out, and it promises an entertaining tale of a colourful life led by Salman Khan’s character Bharat. The makers released the trailer on Monday, two days ahead of the scheduled release.

The trailer begins with the voiceover of Salman Khan, who informs the audience that his journey had begun around the same time the nation got its independence. “People think a middle-class elderly man must have led such a boring life, but that is not the truth at all,” says Salman.

Soon, we get a glimpse of Disha Patani’s character Radha who seems like is a trapeze artist in Bharat. Salman Khan too is introduced as a stuntman in the same circus in a few shots shown at the beginning of the clip. However, the action soon moves jumps to the year when Bharat meets Katrina Kaif’s Madam Sir.

The promo also reveals the part where Jackie Shroff and even Sunil Grover are seen as Salman’s best friend in the video. The trailer takes a serious turn when we see Salman facing a conflict which is bigger than himself.

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