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Movie Review: Kalank

May 13th, 2019 | by vBollywood Author

Movie: Kalank
Cast: Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Aditya, Sonakshi, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri, Kunal Kemmu, Kiara Advani
Writer: Shibani Bathija, Abhishek Varman
Director: Abhishek Varman
Our rating: 3/5 Stars (three out of five)
Official trailer:

Kalank is a complex love story set during India’s Partition era, where the young Roop (Alia Bhatt) has to choose between respect for husband Dev (Aditya Roy Kapur) and her love for Zafar (Varun Dhawan). Their stories and heart-breaking love unravel, the history of India takes an epic shape, from where there is no way to return.

Kalank just as the name suggests, is a story that is about the high morals of society, especially when it comes to love and family ties. Right at the heart of the story, the movie focuses on how eternal love can go beyond the general norms and rules of society, that are trapped with religion, and all other physical and man-made boundaries. Just at a dramatic moment in the film, Aditya Roy Kapur’s Dev states that if someone’s wife is in love with another man, then what is the point of the marriage at all. The writer and director Abhishek Varman’s film has a valid point.

The story is based in a town called Husnabad, near Lahore, some years before the Partition of India and Pakistan. It’s a town populated by blacksmiths and a most are Muslims. Belonging to Husnabad’s affluent family, the Chaudhrys – Dev and his father Balraj (Sanjay Dutt) also run a liberal newspaper called The Daily News. Dev’s faces a difficult time when under strange circumstances he gets married to Roop. The complexities crop yo and reveals during a visit to Bahaar Begum’s chamber (where Roop is seen honing her music skills) Roop meets Zafar, the local blacksmith and after a few meetings they fall for each other. The story shows complex relationships and romances that are often predictable. This period drama is hyped with the sets, the costumes, each bit of the film brings the grandeur.

Alia Bhatt gives a brilliant performance, she showcases vulnerability and strength in ideal measure. Varun Dhawan looks fit for the part and he presents intensity that his conflicted character needed. Aditya Roy Kapur is great in his role with the stoic silences and reserved nature of his character. Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Sanjay Dutt and Sonakshi Sinha add to the drama perfectly. Kunal Kemmu as Zafar’s friend Abdul is great, he presents his grey-shades.

The script was conceptualised by late Mr Yash Johar 15 years ago and even for that time. Two songs in the first 15 minutes. The title track and Kriti Sanon’s presence in Aira Gaira is good. Background score is great from the film.

Kalank releases on 17th April, 2018.

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