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Dwayne Johnson thanks Vin Diesel for his support, hints at Fast and Furious return

September 30th, 2019 | by vBollywood Author

The issues between action stars Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel seem to be over, as the former WWE wrestler has thanked the xXx actor for his support during the making of Hobbs & Shaw.

A video post on Instagram, Dwayne Johnson also teased a potential return to the Fast & Furious franchise, led by Diesel. The actor thanked his fans for making his Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw an international success.

“I just want to say thank you guys so, so much. You have officially made Hobbs & Shaw not only a massive, global success — as we’ve just crossed USD 750 million dollars at the global box office — but also, you helped enable a build-out and an expansion of the Fast and Furious universe,” Johnson said.

He also acknowledged Universal Studios, his Hobbs & Shaw cast mates as well as the entire team behind the film, before concluding his message with a shout-out to Diesel.

“I want to thank brother Vin for your support of Hobbs & Shaw… What a wild ride this has been (since) 10 years ago, when you and I spoke and you invited me into the Fast & Furious family. I’m grateful for that invite. As you know, my goal was always, all these years, to come into the Fast & Furious world and help elevate the franchise in any way that I possibly could.

The rift between the two stars began in 2016, during production of The Fate of the Furious, when Johnson referred to some of his male coworkers as “candy a**es” who lacked professionalism.

Johnson has already revealed that he won’t be starring in the upcoming ninth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise. But there are chances of him appearing in the tenth film, which is still in the middle of production.

Fast & Furious 9 is directed by Justin Lin. The film is set to be released on May 22, 2020.

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