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Movie Review: Commando 3

November 29th, 2019 | by vBollywood Author

Movie: Commando 3
Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar, Gulshan Devaiah
Writer: Darius Yarmil (screenplay), Junaid Wasi (dialogue)
Director: Aditya Datt
Our rating: 3/5
Official trailer:

Commando 3 movie is jingoistic and the villain plays the hero!

Soaked in deep patriotism, the makers might have presented lots of action sequences with the Commando series.

Vidyut is busy doing the action and Gulshan plays the eccentric character on screen! The story begins with a provocative speech by a masked man who’s planning an attack on India. Then we get to see some people from Mumbra (Mumbai) try to create a chaotic situation by slaughtering a cow for the beef. Some school girls are getting molested by wrestlers and we see Karan (Vidyut Jammwal) enter beginning the film. Karan flies to London with Bhavana (Adah Sharma) and meets Mallika (Angira Dhar) along with some stereotypical techie nerd. Teaming up they’re looking for Buraq (Gulshan Devaiah), who apparently is planning the attack on India. We all know the drill ahead, will they find him? Will they prevent the attack happening in the country? Will the movie end up with an emotional speech followed by a promotional song? Guess we’ve seen enough such movies to answer these.

Commando 3 story is well presented with proper characters and introductions keeps everyone busy and intrigued but the film starts to lag behind at the most important juncture. Makers have tried their best to represent Vidyut’s action as he is seen fighting with car’s wipers, a pehelwan’s Mugdar, along with anything that comes to his hands. Mark Hamilton’s cinematography fails to do any justice to Vidyut’s stunts. Tiger Shroff’s action scene in War was well shot. Vidyut Jammwal is a flexible guy and he can do justice to every action sequence. The issue arises when the script expects him to act and majority of his combat sequences are not shot with expertise. Gulshan Devaiah emerges as the hero, he dons lose clothes and speaks with an English accent, Gulshan is able to carry the eccentricity of Buraq in a very stylish way. Adah Sharma tried her best to speak with a Hyderabadi accent but could not mail it. Angira Dhar is good and did well in the entire film with right expressions. Both the ladies have been given some good action sequences but that doesn’t help the story.

Commando 3 is delivering a stylish action flick adding lots of masala to it. The film does not have many songs. The initial song Tera Baap Aaya is a fast-paced prototype of a regular Raftaar song. Sukhwinder’s Irade Kar Buland is a good song but its placement lessens the impact. Saurabh Bhalerao’s background score is good in the emotional sequence but he is unable to match up the pace in the action ones.

Commando 3 serves all the promises in the first half. Post interval, the film takes a jingoistic turn. Audience can watch it for Vidyut’s action.

Commando 3 releases on 29th November, 2019.


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