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Hacked Trailer Out! Hina Khan’s Video Gets Viral

January 21st, 2020 | by vBollywood Author

Actress Hina Khan began her career with one of the most famous daily soap, makes an appearance at Cannes and picking many Bollywood projects. Out of the many films that she is working on, Hina Khan’s upcoming film Hacked looks intriguing which is based on stalking and breach of privacy with modern technologies.

The film makers released the first poster a few days back and have raised the level of excitement by releasing the very promising trailer of the film. The story of the film revolves around what happens when a person, who is obsessed with Hina’s character, blackmails her to spread her intimate video and pictures on the internet.

The trailer is 3-minute long and starts off by showing a room full of computers. The computers show what is happening in Hina’s house through hidden cameras. Actor Rohan Shah essays the role of the obsessed teenager who is in love with Hina Khan’s character and is ready to go to any extent for her.

Hina is quite shocked to know that a 19-year-old boy is in love with her and rejects him with a tight slap. This doesn’t go well with the boy, who hacks her laptop, plants camera in her house and creates havoc in her life. Rohan’s character records all her intimate scenes and blackmails her to leak then and destroy her life. What happens next is what will make your wait for the release of the movie difficult.

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt delivers some of the best horror films over the years is all geared up to give some reality check with his new offering Hacked. The film also marks Hina Khan’s Bollywood debut. This time Vikram wanted to show the horrors of real life in modern times of technology.

Presented by Zee Studios, produced by Krishna Bhatt, Amar Thakkar, Jatin Sethi, Hacked will release on February 7, 2020.

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