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Alicia Silverstone, Rob Corddry have the worst therapist ever in wild Bad Therapy trailer

March 23rd, 2020 | by vBollywood Author

Experiencing Bad Teachers and Horrible Bosses? It’s time for a therapist to get into the act.

EW has exclusive first look at the trailer for Bad Therapy, featuring Michaela Watkins as a couples therapist who could use some therapy of her own. The upcoming film stars Alicia Silverstone and Rob Corddry as Susan and Bob Howard, a wife and husband who see a marriage counselor named Judy Small (Watkins). Judy seems to be competent and trustworthy initially, but it was the duo’s emotional dynamic that triggers Judy’s dark impulses, leading her to manipulate them and bring their marriage to s tough situation.

The trailer teases a lot of dark comic mayhem and mental tricks, with Judy playing on the Howards’ suspicions and resentments to push them apart. “Has he been faithful to you?” she needles Susan, while seductively telling Bob, “I would do almost anything for you.” It seems her techniques are rather effective: At one point Susan pulls a knife on Bob, growling, “I swear to God, I’ll do it when you’re sleeping.” Marriage is difficult, folks.

Bad Therapy is all set to debut on digital platforms and VOD April 17, forgoing a theatrical release in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

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