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From Theatre To Bollywood & Hollywood, Irrfan Khan’s Journey As An Actor

April 29th, 2020 | by vBollywood Author
From Theatre To Bollywood & Hollywood, Irrfan Khan’s Journey As An Actor

Film star Irrfan Khan, the versatile bollywood actor passed away on Wednesday. Born and brought up in Jaipur, Irrfan Khan had a craving for acting. However, due to fewer options and in the pink city in those days, he started engaging himself in street plays.

According to Irrfan Khan, street plays were very different in those days. “I was asked to act on a filmy scene or a song where I had to mimic the actor. There was no seriousness in the plays in those days.”

When he grew up, Irrfan Khan felt a connection with the art of acting and hence he went to Ravindra Manch office which is more like the artist junction in Jaipur, and is devoted to training of actors for stage, film and television.

Unaware of the whereabouts, Irrfan Khan eagerness took him to a clerk’s office where he humbly requested for acting work.

“This clerk laughed and then guided me to meet the director. Following his instructions, I went to the director and thereafter, I was introduced to the world of theatre. Thereafter, I had no looking back,” Irrfan Khan had said.

Irrfan Khan loved Jaipur but he had to travel all across the globe for work but, Jaipur remained his favourite destination. “Each and every lane here in this city narrates a royal tale of its own. The rich legacy seen here is hard to be found in any other part of the world. Hence, the majestic & magnanimous Jaipur is yet another enigma, another wonder of the world,” he had said in a meeting.

Irrfan Khan also loved art, culture, history and heritage of India. He was disheartened to see the global culture slowly yet replacing the heritage and cultural soul of India.

Irrfan Khan said, he is making all efforts on his own to help retain this pristine culture. He became a brand ambassador of Resurgent Rajasthan and started promoting the state to national and international level.

Irrfan Khan started his career from street plays, theatre, he was keen to do well and ensure progress and development of theatre culture in India. He was equally concerned about Indian art and culture and had therefore started an NGO, Sannidhya which aimed at restoring the pristine art and culture of India which he felt was losing its sheen with the changing times.

“Changing time is leading to disappearance of age-old heritage of our country which is a big concern for me. I want to revive the ancient roots of Hindustan,” he had said during his visit to Jaipur in 2016.

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