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Bollywood actor-singer Zara Khan shared about about her new single ‘Jogan’

May 28th, 2020 | by vBollywood Author
Bollywood actor-singer Zara Khan shared about about her new single ‘Jogan’

In an interview with International Business Times India, actress-singer Zara Khan shared more about her singing and acting career, how she was picked for movies and what made her come out with a music album ‘Jogan’.

Actor-singer Zara Khan made her Bollywood debut with the 2013 film Aurangzeb opposite Arjun Kapoor. Sara has also done playback in her own film Barbaadiyan. After which she has been keeping busy making music and songs. And now the actress has come up with her own single ‘Jogan’.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India, actress-singer Zara Khan shared about her singing and acting career, how she landed in movies and what made her come out with a music album ‘Jogan’.

Excerpts from the interview:

About her journey from acting to singing she said: I never really made a shift when I debuted in Aurangzeb I had done my own playback with the song Barbaadiyan, but recently I wanted to try my hand at the Indie space so khudse zyada was that baby step and then along the way kya karte the Sajna happened from Shubh Mangal while I was jamming on a few songs and lining them up for my single releases. I love both acting and singing so will try to give my best to the both of them.

About Jogan, in the midst of lockdown, Zara talked about the song: Well, Jogan was something I had already been jamming and working on with Tanishk before the lockdown but it wasn’t a song which I was going to release as my second, there were a completely different song and collab with another artist but due to the lockdown we couldn’t shoot the video on time. Jogan was something we all were very confident about and we decided that let’s drop a lyrical and put it into streaming. I just love the song Tanishk has done a fantastic job creating it.

Zara was working with Arjun Kapoor in your debut film – it was Yash Raj Films launched be is something any actor would dream of and the script was very interesting at the time.

About her journey in Bollywood she said: Well, when you come from a film and music background family it doesn’t feel like a journey it’s more like a part of your life but definitely, once I started working it was completely different in terms of understanding the business better and what kind of content works what doesn’t, which I’m still learning.

Unfortunately due to the lockdown a lot of her shoots have been put on hold but she wrapped up the shoot of her film Imaginary Rain directed by Vikas Khanna and it’s a very dear to her since she could work with Shabana Azmi ji which was on my wish list. She is planning to work on some music.

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