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Tarun Khanna REPLACES Manav Gohil As Raja Krishnadevaraya In Tenali Rama

July 22nd, 2020 | by vBollywood Author
Tarun Khanna REPLACES Manav Gohil As Raja Krishnadevaraya In Tenali Rama
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Actor Tarun Khanna is set to take over as the smart and fun loving king, Raja Krishnadevaraya, from Manav Gohil in the TV show, Tenali Rama.

“I have played the role of Mahadev previously and in the last 4 years, the only role that I have done along with this was that of Chanakya. So, when I got the opportunity to play the role of Raja Krishnadevaraya I jumped at it because it’s a classic tale of Tenali Rama that I had read as a child and I was always fascinated by the King’s character,” said Tarun.

“When I was offered the role, I didn’t even have to think and I accepted the role. Playing this role gives me a chance to play a light-hearted character because in my previous role I had to be very cautious in my portrayal of the character. With a character like Krishnadevaraya, it offers me a chance to essay a breezy, fun-loving and a witty character,” he mentioned.

He is also aware of the high expectations, given the fact that the show has been popular since it was launched.

“The show has been running for the last 3 years and there is a certain level of expectation involved. Everyone on this show is in tune with their characters and now I am working hard to ensure that I can essay my role seamlessly,” he said.

Sharing about his experience shooting for the show, Tarun said: “The whole unit and cast is really welcoming and are thorough professionals. The production house is very thorough with their safety guidelines and even on the set, social distancing is strictly followed. Sanitisation is done every 30 minutes and a strict procedure is followed while letting anyone enter the set. So, it was a relief to shoot in a safe surrounding.”

The show will be all set to air on Sony SAB.

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