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Warner Bros. will release Christopher Nolan’s Tenet internationally first, in US a week later

July 28th, 2020 | by vBollywood Author
Warner Bros. will release Christopher Nolan’s Tenet internationally first, in US a week later

In the latest plan for Hollywood’s hopeful return to movie going during the coronavirus pandemic, Warner Bros. will release Christopher Nolan’s Tenet in an unprecedented fashion, opening it internationally first on August 26, with a US release in select cities to follow over Labor Day weekend.

Warner Bros. said Tenet will be set to release in more than 70 countries on August 26, including Japan, Russia, much of Europe, Australia and Canada. The $200 million thriller is going to open in the US about a week later on September 3.

The film release will be tailored to outbreaks of COVID-19. Instead of the usual global launch of a summer blockbuster, Tenet will make its way through theaters as they are open. The upcoming film, originally set for release on July 17, has already had its premiere postponed several times. With each record of spikes in cases through the US has forced the studio to look into its plans.

Now, Warner Bros. has upended the usual launch of a would-be blockbuster. When Tenet lands in the U.S., it will be piecemeal throughout the country and dependent on areas where cinemas are all set to open. They are presently shuttered in California and New York (each home to one of the country’s top two markets), among other states. But that could change in the next month.

Warner Bros. will also deliberately spread out its opening weekend, debuting the film mid-week to space out eager moviegoers. Major theater chains are now expecting to operate with heightened cleaning measures and at reduced capacities of 25-50% to facilitate social distancing. AMC Theaters, the world’s largest chain, last week postponed its US reopening to mid-to-late August.

While the release of other tent-poles have been further delayed, Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. have sought to lead the charge back into theaters. Exhibitors, the majority of which have been closed for more than four months, are desperate for new films and have implored distributors to accept atypical release patterns.

Walt Disney Co. last week indefinitely delayed its Mulan remake. Paramount Pictures put off A Quiet Place Part II to April 2021.

Last week, cinemas reopened in China, the world’s second-largest market, although Tenet does not have a release date there. In Europe, about a third of AMC’s locations have resumed operating. In the meantime, movie theaters have been presenting old released films.

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