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Emraan Hashmi: Why Cheat India exposes the defunct education system in India

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A landmark role in his career, Emraan Hashmi says the film Why Cheat India is set out to do a lot more. The film exposes the defunct education system in the country. This movie is about how outdated the education system is and the malpractices. The film is suitable for students, parents, faculty and even the cheating mafia.

Emraan talked about the preparation he did for the film: A fair chunk of what I have experienced through education helped me a lot during the film. I have gone through my own school and college days mugging up and hence, I know how ineffective it is. We wanted to create the character of Rakesh (played by Hashmi) as a nice guy with a devious mind. I am not very proud of it but I have cheated in my economics paper in Class XII boards because the supervisor allowed it, even though I never associated with the cheating mafia.

His film Tiger was recently launched on Zee 5. It could not be released in theaters, Emraan said: It was a big disappointment. I really wanted people to go to theaters and see it. However, it was a very controversial film with a lot of names being taken and hence, studios did not wish to touch it. I think the online streaming platform, these days, is as effective as the cinema hall and I am glad that people can finally watch it.

Emraan Hashmi on sexual misconduct allegations against Soumik Sen: Nothing happened on Why Cheat India sets The director of Why Cheat India, Shoumik Sen, was earlier accused of sexual harassment in the #MeToo movement.

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