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Movie Review: Kesari

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Movie: Kesari Cast: Akshay Kumar, Pareeniti Chopra Writer: Anurag Singh, Girish Kohli Director: Anurag Singh Our Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a half stars) Official trailer:

Akshay Kumar delivers a memorable performances, the film is emotional, also entertaining! The film captures bravery and patriotic feel, with well choreographed action sequences in the second half. There are proper slow motion footage. Akshay Kumar is bold and gives an epic portrayal of Ishar Singh.

Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is a Punjabi who does not tolerate injustice happening anywhere. To save an Afghani girl, who was being assassinated by her own, Ishar fights against his own British master and saves her. This leads Afghans to retaliate causing a lot of damage. Ishar then gets transferred to the fort of Saragarhi which is home to the brave 36 Sikh Regiment. On reaching Saragarhi, Ishar witnesses indiscipline and he does his bit to impose his own strict ways to teach them a lesson. With a bittersweet start, the regiment accepts Ishar as their leader and they start living happily until one not-so-fine day. The Afghans unite together and decide to capture the three major forts starting from Saragarhi. 21 Sikhs led by Ishar Singh face the ruthless Afghan army of 10,000.

Kesari is based on the Battle Of Saragarhi, which was not known to the majority of us, the film informs us about this courageous battle. Everyone was aware about the result of this battle but still when those Sikhs were getting ready for the war, one is looking for it to end on a miracle. The second half brings the patriot in all in a glorified way.

Akshay Kumar gives his best to the character and it pays very well. Not an easy role to play but this talented star makes sure he carries the entire film with him. He’s mighty in action sequences, and there’s not a single flaw about him when it comes to combat. Kesari is a lot more than an achievement for Akshay Kumar. Parineeti Chopra’s short role in the film seems fine, she is there for the time it was required. She has performed her special appearance well.

Kesari is Anurag Singh’s movie in the Punjabi film industry and his direction is spell binding. B Praak’s Teri Mitti brings out the patrotic feel mood to strengthen. Jasleen Royal’s voice is great in the female version of Deh Shiva and adds meaning to the narration. Background score is good.

Kesari is a brave film with depiction of might and courage. Akshay Kumar gives memorable performances.

Kesari releases on 21st March, 2019.


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