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Movie Review: Total Dhamaal

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Movie: Total Dhamaal Cast: Ajay Devgn, Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Anil Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Jaaved Jaaferi Writer: Screenplay by Ved Prakash, Paritosh Painter, Bunty Rathore, story by Indra Kumar Director: Indra Kumar Our rating: 3.5/5 Official trailer

Total Dhamaal is the third instalment in the Dhamaal franchise. It’s about a hidden treasure of 50 crore that leads to a crazy chase amongst a group of greedy and eccentric characters. With then, we see a bickering couple on the verge of a divorce, greedy siblings, local goons, a police commissioner and the mastermind of the loot. Will they be able to discover the hidden treasure?

Total Dhamaal has trains ramming into cars, collapsing bridges, roaring wild cats and crash landing helicopters. Director Indra Kumar’s Total Dhamaal seems imaginary and is a loud comedy. Although, with the ensemble star cast, the pursuit for comic adventure turns into a misadventure early on in its ride.

To start with, the film’s story-line is weak and it is clearly visible in the promo. But it depends on many characters, who deliver despite obvious flaws in the writing. The movie opens on quite a paisa vasool note with the grand title song introducing each one of them. They are soon tilted together in an unconvincing plot twist. While we see everyone is in pairs of two, it’s the pairing of Anil and Madhuri that brings a lot of fun filled moments. The duo still share a crackling chemistry and an impeccable partnership for comedy. Anil Kapoor is hilarious as the distressed pati with his amusing Gujarati accent and Madhuri uses her natural comfort for Marathi to get perfect comic notes. While Ajay Devgn is seen performing well within the limitations of his character, we see Sanjay Mishra go overboard with his dialogues. He constantly refers to Radhe (Ajay) as brother, trying everything to force humour into the situation. We also get to seen better camaraderie between Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey in the previous instalments of the film. The duo are largely stuck with slapstick episodes that don’t do enough justice to their talent. Meanwhile, Riteish Deshmukh is great with his character of a pan-chewing ruffian Lallan, who excels in his role, literally. His scenes with Johnny Lever are phenominal. Rest of the cast like Boman Irani, Mahesh Manjrekar and Esha Gupta have short and poorly written characters.

Not just the film’s dialogues and screenplay, but most of the punches are predictable. For an adventure comedy, Total Dhamaal fumbles in many scenes with poor computer graphics. While the first half is entertaining, second half is packed with too many characters in a weak plot. Director Indra Kumar is unable to generate humour.

With the ensemble cast, Total Dhamaal had the potential to be a comic roller coaster ride. Sadly the poor writing and execution makes it fall.


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