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Movie Review: Uri: The Surgical Strike

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Movie: Uri: The Surgical Strike Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Mohit Raina, Yami Gautam, Kirti Kulhari Writer: Aditya Dhar Director: Aditya Dhar Our rating: 4.5/5 Stars (Four and a half stars) Official trailer:

Uri: The Surgical Strike is a war movie that is commendable!

The film is very realistic in the action sequences along with thrilling climax. Vicky Kaushal is exceptional as he gives a very controlled performance. The background score is impressive. This movie requires undivided attention, it is a must watch!

With chapters, the films leads us to the surgical strike that happened in Pakistan occupied Kashmir back in 2016. It all starts with a deadly ambush in the Chandel district of Manipur and how Major Vihan Shergil (Vicky Kaushal) executing a counterattack on those terrorists. Vihan Shergil’s mother in Delhi is suffering from Alzheimer’s & hence he asks for premature retirement.

With a clean record, Vihan moves to take his position by transferring to Delhi handling the Intelligence of the army. Right from Pathankot to Pampore, the country faces multiple terrorist attacks and Vihan, away from the field finds this unsettling. With the assistance of Govind (Paresh Rawal), an Indian intelligence & law enforcement officer, Vihan places himself in the mission of this secretive surgical strike that is made under the guidance of Mr Prime Minister – Narendra Modi.

Uri: The Surgical Strike combat sequences, mostly create the dark visuals, that are planned and explode amidst the bullets firing all over. The story builds in the first half and is strategically carried out in the second half. The thrilling scenes in the dense jungles of Kashmir adds a lot of excitement to the plot. Dhar creates a wonderfully woven story that’s visualised by all the audience. Aditya Dhar’s story is patriotic and is brilliant in crafting process. Mitesh Mirchandani’s camera work is good in the film.

Uri: The Surgical Strike stars Vicky Kaushal who delivers a strong performance without going overboard with his expressions. He brings the role of Major Vihan to light and the tough efforts of the strike are visible throughout his screentime. Vicky is able to capture the spirit of the character. Paresh Rawal gives a good performance in scenes. Mohit Raina gets to portray as Karan (Vihan’s brother-in-law) and he gives his best. Karan is physically strong and is active in his role. Yami Gautam plays an Intelligence officer and gives a good performance. Kirti Kulhari has a special appearance and is not wasted taking over the sequence towards the end.

Uri: The Surgical Strike Movie Review is directed and written by Aditya Dhar. The realistic approach is good in the film. The background score of the film is mind-blowing. Shashwat Sachdev’s songs are good, the music from Jagga Jiteya is beautifully used in the climax and that enhances the watching experience.

Uri: The Surgical Strike is a true story of courage. Vicky Kaushal’s performance should not be missed.

Uri: The Surgical Strike releases on 11th January 2019.


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