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Tarun Arora shares about the possibility of a Jab We Met 2

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“Time Flies,” says Tarun Arora who played Anshuman in Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met. The Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan starrer had released on this very day 13 years ago. This one was a movie that gave Bollywood it’s Geet and cinephiles their Imtiaz Ali love saga. Anshuman happened to be a character that was left with questions. Arora shared an exclusive chat with a reputed portal and shared about his most remembered character is over a decade old now.

Tarun who played Anshuman is thankful for the film that gave him his most memorable character. The actor expressed how he can watch Jab We Met forever.

When joined Koimoi team for an exclusive conversation, Tarun Arora shared about his life in the past 13 years. He said, “Yes, Time flies, Jab We Met turns 13. The best part about the film is that it is still fresh. I have watched it umpteenth times and have loved it. These 13 years have been a great learning experience to me. I started with hospitality, did theatre and moved to South Indian films. I am so glad people remember Anshuman. They remember my character’s name more than my real name.”

When asked if there is anything Tarun Arora would require to change about Anshuman, he said, “What made Anshuman very interesting was how Imtiaz Ali wrote him, and the end left a lot of question, I loved that. If you ask me what I would want to change about him, I would say nothing.”

For the unversed, in the recent past, Tarun Arora spoke about the possibility of a Jab We Met 2. The twist is that it isn’t an Imtiaz Ali sequel, but Tarun himself has thought about it. As per the actor, he wants people to see the Anshuman perspective of the story.

When asked if there is any update on the same, Tarun Arora said, “I have been asked several times what happened with Anshuman. And that put a question to me, and I have been pondering on that thought. I have been working on something, so far it’s an idea and a very interesting one. And it seems interesting to me because there are a lot of perspectives about what could have happened to Anshuman. Let’s see, it right now in my mind, I am working on it. When things get more concrete and are finalised, I will speak more on it.”

Jab We Met released on October 26, 2007. While it did receive appreciation on its release, the movie went on to be a cult over the years. As for Tarun Arora, the actor will be next seen in Laxmmi Bomb. He had made a niche for himself in the South Industry as well.

Is Jab We Met one of your favourite films? Tell us in the comments section below.

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