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Vir Das’ ‘Outside In’ Teaser: All Shades Of Heartwarming & Hope

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Artistes are here and remain unstoppable and they always plan to be entertaining, regardless of what they might be going through. Comedian-actor Vir Das took the responsibility of spreading joy and created the first-of-its-kind homegrown comedy special Outside In from 30 virtual shows that he did during the lockdown. Though the entire show itself started off as a one off gig in April but as the demand continued, he converted into a continual series that kept his fans laughing together despite anxiety and pressures created due to the lockdown.

He started the year with a special called Vir Das : For India, this time around Vir offered his audience a fun time the entire globe at the very same time. The entire show originally premiered on his website for charity but will now make it Netflix on December 16, thus making sure we end the year on a sweet note.

Capturing the mundane bits of being stuck at home, the special has some unique and heart-warming stories about the everything that the lockdown put us through. From a young man who is unable to find his favourite ice cream flavour to lovers separated in different cities weeks ahead of their engagement to a man hoping to dine with his girls soon to a nurse who is on COVID duty each day. The captivating show is about the lives of diverse people who are all waiting for the same thing – the world to go back to normal.

In a statement, Vir said, “There couldn’t have been a better way to end the year and I say this beyond my personal reasons. the special was a showreel of everything that we’ve gone through this year and how as human beings we went through the same emotions at the same time. It was my most fulfilling piece of work because even for an hour I could make people smile when they needed it the most. And we raised money for charity while doing it. This special is dedicated to each of us who survived a horrific year and hopefully we carry forward the lessons to 2021.”

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